Impacting local communities with equal opportunity for students of all cultures.

XP Boost Academy uses gaming and digital marketing workshops to create STEAM opportunities for students.

We strive to impact local communities with equal opportunity for all cultures. Our goal is to provide students with a unique approach to develop applicable skills both professionally and as members of their community.

Top Achievers and Esports Stadium Arlington join together in forming XP Boost Academy.

Top Achievers brings their ability to curate a fantastic program on 25 years of history.

Esports Stadium Arlington brings credibility to the program by providing their esports expertise, state of the art technology and versatile space.


Students will not only game, but gain hands-on experience in various supplementary industries that support gaming and esports through real life experiences.

Engaging Students through Esports

Why Esports?

Esports presents opportunities for accessibility, creative thinking and the development of social skills through team work and leadership.

A large percentage of children lack passion or engagement through traditional school programs, resulting in lower graduation rates and grades, whereas a large percentage of students find a strong interest and connection with gaming. Esports provides an opportunity to engage those children through something they are truly invested in.

Current Offers